The Nursery

azienda agricola la serra

THE NURSERY is the main focus of our farm and we have been investing all our energies in growing plants year round for the past ten years.
We sell direct to our clients who get the benefit of our experience and professionalism in the cultivation of a wide range of flowers, shrubs and trees. We also provide consultation on the choice of the plants best suited to any given green area.


The nursery is the where you can come for:

  • olive trees in pots
  • fruit trees in pots
  • vegetables ready to be planted out
  • annuals and perennials for all seasons
  • aromatic herbs
  • citrus trees


“In you it is always spring because your green sods are ever in bloom… you are girded by olive groves on either shore…”
Verses in praise of Lake Como, or Lario to use its real name, written in the 8th century by Paolo Diacono

FULET farm house is set among over 250 olive trees.
October and November are the months when we harvest the olives to make an excellent extra virgin oil.
The olive is a mediterranean tree but finds fertile ground in our latitudes on the eastern shores of Lake Como.
This magnificent tree with a multitude of uses roots readily in small plots of land or terraces built on the steep mountainside on the sunnier slopes overlooking the lake.
Maybe it is the ideal combination of the rocky land and strong sunlight, the enterprising spirit and devotion of the olive farmers or the way the lake makes for a temperate climate which is so perfect… but one thing is sure, the olive oil of Lake Como has all the requirements to qualify as one of the finest in Italy.